The return of the Goddess Gudinnans återkomst

220.00 kr

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The return of the  Goddess
by Åsa Karlsson
(Photographs by Lyell Parry)

A book  of poetry on the Divine Femine.
Åsa is a very gifted poet who  writes from her heart.
The  book is in  both  English  and Swedish.
In Sweden, it is available  from,
www.litenupplaga.se1538 or if you  are outside Sweden,  contact us.
Price, 220,00 SEK (including Moms).
‘Poetry can be used as a symbolic language
To express the mysterious essence of love’s spiritual  depth
You are given the wind of  change
Get  ready to  set you sails
You navigate by the  sun and stars
Equally  bright as you
Since  the time when your life began
You shine brighter every moment
Your thoughts become poetry
Meant to  be spread and shared
In this new time we are awakening
To  the  beautiful dawn
Where the  horizon between  heaven and earth
Also  becomes an open gate between our  hearts.’

Åsa Karlsson.


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